Sunday, March 4, 2012

Unleashing Darby on Black Creek in Fultondale

Darby and I have become frequenter's of Black Creek Park in Fultondale. The folks there are friendly (though not all of the dog's are, despite their owner's assurances over their growling pets' protests), and the track is almost a mile long. And besides that, there's Black Creek. It's kind of an understated creek, with nothing particularly great about it, but I like it nonetheless. 

And now it has sentimental value. There's a part of Black Creek Park that is more remote and loses its trail. Not as many folks venture back this way. So I chose it to be the place where Darby got to first be out in public without her leash. She didn't stray to far, and always responded to my promptings to return. So we have been able to repeat the experiment several times, always with the same result. On the third such time, I introduced a new variable, the creek itself. She loved splashing through the creek's shallower waters, and galloping along the rocks that make up the creek bed.

So we'll definitely be back and playing in the creek at Black Creek Park, and as weather warms and water temperatures rise, we'll probably explore more recessed areas of the creek, not accessible by trail.

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