Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hiking at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center

Nicely tucked away over in Birmingham's East Lake is the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. It had been about ten months since I last visited, when I went trail running last May. This trip was to be a little less intensive; I was going with two friends and Darby.

Matt attempting to scale part of Sandstone Ridge
While us human folk hiked a couple of miles, Darby easily doubled and maybe tripled our mileage with all of her advanced scouting of the trail.

Darby impatiently awaiting our catching up to her
It was a really nice outing, though we ended up on a different trail than we had intended. I had hoped to go down to one of the quarries but somehow ended up on the same trail as last time, and headed to the wetlands, then to Sandstone Ridge. 

Cattails of the Wetlands
The Wetlands
In addition to some incredible weather, we also had the please of the early blooms of the wildflowers. If you haven't yet been to Ruffner Mountain, you should certainly add it to your list; it's smaller than Oak Mountain but also less populous, meanwhile offering well manicured trails and quiet commune with nature.

Wildflowers near the Wetlands
One of many Trillium flowers along the Trails
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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. I'd like to mention that next time you might want to keep your dog on a leash. It is a rule of the preserve and as a dog owner myself, I would appreciate it, too.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for bringing that particular rule to my attention. I didn't realize that to be the case; however, I did leash her whenever we approached people and/or animals. I'll try to be more conscientious next time. Thanks for stopping by.