Sunday, March 11, 2012

Parkside Salon, One Haircutter's Haven

When Rhonda Dodd opened "Parkside Salon" in September 2011, it wasn't on a whim; it was an idea that had been germinating and maturing over the course of thirty years of haircutting and styling. But that didn't make the endeavor any more of a sure thing; she described the process as kind of like "diving off a cliff."In this instance, she found that the water was fine.

Having previously owned her own shop about ten years previously, Rhonda knew what she didn't want - lots of people and lots of drama. Where before she had a half dozen stylists working for her, this time around it's just her and Jess - canine companion, co-owner, and official greeter.

Rhonda's Parkside Salon is literally "parkside," being across the street from Homewood's Patriot Park. Her walls are decorated with the works of local artists, and the shop has a certain flare that befits its owner, who couldn't be happier with being one of Homewood's small business owners. 

You can find Parkside Salon on Facebook.

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  1. When I saw FB pic that Fitzwaters posted , I knew Rhonda was talented in a way that is God given. I can’t wait to see the shop, & get a new do!