Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making an Appearance

It isn't often that I make an appearance in my blog. And that may be more by design than happenstance, but today is the exception. The other day, I was setting up for a shoot at the Red Mountain Law Group, and I ran into a problem; I decided that I didn't love the way I had initially set up my lighting. But my "guinea pig" had wandered off, so what was I to do? Well, the only logical thing, except that I didn't have a wireless remote (and it didn't occur to me until this very moment that I could have used the self-timer; now I feel like a moron). So standing with my toes on the line of demarcation, I reached as far as the remote cable would stretch, and fired off a couple of practice shots. I was pleased with the resulting lighting.
This is only a test!

This was my second time really using some new equipment, and so far I have been nothing but pleased with my YongNuo YN-468 II flash and YongNuo RF-603 Remote Triggers, on my Canon Rebel T2i. My only displeasure stems from the fact that Canon has disabled the ability to use LiveView with non-Canon flashes on the T2i; higher grade camera models have a "silent mode" that allows the use of LiveView.

For this shoot, I set up in a room with two walls full of west- and south-facing windows (it was a wonderfully overcast day), attached my Tokina AT-X 35mm f/2.8 lens (for head-and-torso shots), and fiddled with the camera's and flash's settings until they were right. Since I don't have much (or anything) in the way of studio equipment, I decided to really use those windows to my advantage on one side, and on the other bounce the flash off the lightly colored wall and ceiling in order to have a nice balanced look. I came away pretty pleased with the result.

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