Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Carpenter Bee, a Victim of Curiosity

With Spring just around the corner, there are also sorts of critters flitting about. And it's just about more than Darby can stand. She wants to meet, or eat, or bark at each of them. Her most recent victim, the carpenter bee. I saw her pawing and nipping at something in the yard, so I went to inspect. Just about the time I got to her, she put him in her mouth, only to spit him out a moment later - apparently the buzzing was unappetizing. After a couple more repeat cycles of this, I was able to apprehend the victim; he was still alive, but not doing well.

I then immediately grabbed my camera and Tokina AT-X 35mm macro lens, and set about taking a few photos of the carpenter bee before he recovered enough to fly off...

...but the poor fellow never got that chance. The wind blew him off the table, and Darby gobbled him up for a mid-afternoon snack.

Note: According to Penn State's entomology department, male carpenter bees (which are the ones most often seen) are incapable of stinging.

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  1. Lucky dog! I've got one old lady that still tries to grab them in the yard. Ladybird always misses, but it ain't for the lack of trying.

    1. We'll consider her lucky for now, but when she gets ahold of something with a stinger, she'll likely feel differently about it. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and best of luck to Ladybird trying to nab a flying critter.

  2. Great shot Jeremy! I love macro shots.