Friday, November 18, 2011

Minox 35 GL Rangefinder and FC 35 Flash

I stopped by America's Thrift Store a couple days ago (the same thrift store from which I picked up my Ninoka nk-700 and Vivitar pn2011), and while sorting through the meager pickings, I came across this cool, compact rangefinder.

Unfortunately, after some testing it appears that the shutter is malfunctioning. It will fire but won't close until the film winding mechanism is activated. The camera requires a PX27 battery, which is difficult to come by, so I used four (4) SR44/357 batteries which are each 1.5v, thus adding up to the necessary 6v. In order to use the SR44's, you have to fashion some sort of insulator around the batteries to as to keep them from shorting out against the sides of the battery compartment.

I really hope to sort out the shutter problems because I was really excited about this camera. Worst case scenario, it's a neat addition to the non-functioning by good looking camera shelf.

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