Tuesday, August 9, 2011

from a Ninoka nk-700

Ninoka nk-700
In the final installment of the thrift store acquisitions, we are brought to the Ninoka nk-700. Despite my lack of familiarity with the camera and my overall lack of excitement about using it, I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Though I brought it along, I hadn't really planned on using it on this outing. I brought my Canon EOS 3 with me, since it hadn't been off the shelf in several months, but having failed to
check the battery before leaving the house, I didn't learn until attempting to take the first photo that it was DOA.

So that left me with the Ninoka as the only other available camera to use alongside the Vivitar PN2011. Despite its "glass" lens, the photos taken with the camera were generally less sharp than those taken with the Vivitar.

The Ninoka nk-700 is modeled as if it were an SLR. It has a 50mm "glass" lens, as indicated on the lens' nose. Although it only has one shutter speed 1/125s, it offers four aperture selections: f/6-8-11-16. It does not require batteries.

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