Sunday, August 7, 2011

from a Vivitar PN2011

I went down to the Warrior River, Locust Fork with my friend Tyler on Friday morning. My primary objective was to work on some time lapse stuff, but I also had a couple new cameras I had recently picked up at the thrift store, and they needed a trial run. 

In the panorama below, I stitched three photos together from my Vivitar PN2011 while using its "panoramic" mode, so I suppose its a panorama-to-the-fourth-power. If you peep really closely, you can spy my camera on tripod on the far right, set up for its time lapse work. 

The Vivitar PN2011is the less-sought-after brother to the Vivitar Ultra-Wide-and-Slim ("UWAS"), which bears a 22mm lens. The PN2011 has a 28mm lens, with a fixed aperture of f/8, and a single shutter speed of 1/125s. It has a sliding lens cover, which fortunately prevents you from taking a photo when it is in place. Unlike most "toy" cameras of its ilk, the PN2011 has a tripod socket; additionally, it does not require batteries to operate.

The PN2011 is most noted for its "panoramic" mode. When the slide on the back of the camera is pushed to P, a set of inserts descend that crop off the top and bottom portions of the frame, both on the film plane and in the viewfinder. Another perk of the camera is its bright and crisp viewfinder. There is quite a lot of information to be found about folks who have modified their PN2011's to accept filters, have a Bulb mode, and/or take multiple exposures.

The VIVITAR PN2011 Focus Free / Panoramic Camera can be purchased from Amazon.

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