Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Citizens Federal Savings Bank in Birmingham

While I was poking about the Pythian Temple, I also went next door to the Citizens Federal Savings Bank building. Citizens Federal Savings Bank was founded by A.G. Gaston in 1957. In addition to housing the bank, this building was notably home to the Booker T. Washington Insurance Company (founded in 1924) and a Birmingham gospel radio station, WAGG. Though it is no longer headquartered in the basement of the Citizens Federal building, WAGG is a 5000-watt station that can still be heard on AM 610.

This (above) is the front of the Citizens Federal Saving Bank/Booker T. Washington building, after its facade was renovated and "improved" from the archaic style of the early part of the century. Originally, there were no balconies, but the windows were pushed back and balconies added with the renovations of the 1960s.

The top floor still houses thousands upon thousands of insurance policies. Did you know a death policy from the early 1960s might pay out as little as $75? You can't get somebody from the house to the funeral home for that amount now.

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