Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Customer

I recently ordered a print from my website. I know it sounds sort of narcissistic, but I felt that I needed to know my product. I host my site through Zenfolio, who has a working relationship with So I ordered, tracked the order and shipping online, and eagerly anticipated getting home on the day it arrived...or perhaps anxiously anticipated.

I was anxious because I've ordered prints from an online entity before only to discover that my mail delivery person has folded and shoved the envelope into the mail box, thus creasing the prints. So I was really pleased to see that my Mpix print arrived in a box, and inside the box were several additional layers and padding and protection. Of equally high quality were the print and paper.

So I encourage you to go to my website and order a print so that you too may be an equally happy customer. (I know; that part really was narcissistic.)

Central Park, New York City

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