Monday, February 20, 2012

Young Entrepreneurs Open Birmingham Bike Shop, Riders Choice

A new business is opening in North Birmingham, just south of Fultondale on Decatur Highway. And in this instance, youth is being served. The ownership partners of Rider's Choice are young, entrepreneurial small-business owners, who have long desired to own their own powersports shop. Rider's Choice, which plans to open next week, will operate as a service/repair center, retail outlet, and eventually, a dealer for used bikes. 

Dustin Alexander working on a Motorcycle
Dustin  Alexander has been riding and working on bikes since he was fourteen, and for several years has worked in various shops around Birmingham. In October 2008, Dustin was in a tragic motorcycle accident on Highway 31 that cost him most of his right leg, yet this setback did not deter him from riding, nor his dreams of owning his own shop. In order to keep riding, Dustin has modified his motorcycle such that the lever for the rear break (which would normally be accessible by the right foot) is now a hand control adjacent to the clutch lever. He is seeking to modify the landing gear from a Honda Gold Wing to fit his own bike, a Suzuki GSX-R750, so that he might again be able to comfortably handle a passenger and ride with his fiance.

Co-owner Noe Valladares will handle the managerial and retails business affairs. Himself the son of a local entrepreneur, Noe looks to leave his own indelible footprint with Rider's Choice. While he is working on a degree at Jeff State to extend his formal education, Noe is certainly getting a jump on his classmates by simultaneously garnering real-world experience with a start-up small business.

Noe Valladares in front of Rider's Choice on Decatur Hwy
In addition to visiting Rider's Choice at their physical address on Decatur Highway, you can find them on their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  1. so sad but i appreciate Dustin Alexander for his encourgment and pation toward bikes.Safety should be your No 1 concern without proper clothing including Open Face off Road Helmets rider isn't safe.