Friday, February 24, 2012

Needtobreathe at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham

"We're Needtobreathe, and we're a rock-and-roll band from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina."

My friends and I have been following Needtobreathe for about six years now, and make a point to go see them every time they're in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa, which fortunately for us, has been pretty regularly. The first couple of times we saw them at Workplay in Birmingham, and there were a couple hundred people; we stood right at the stage; and my wife got a set list from one of the shows. But since then a whole lot more folks have discovered what we have known, Needtobreathe is incredible. Their soulful, Southern rock-a-billy sound, which often includes harmonicas and banjos is creative and unique. And their shows are even better than their albums, of which their most recent is 'The Reckoning,' so do yourself a favor and treat yourself to it; but don't stop there, go ahead and buy the other albums as well; you were going to eventually, now you'll just be saving yourself the trouble. And I don't mind saying that Monday night's President's Day show was easily their best yet.

The two photos here are a bit of a departure from my normal efforts; I allowed myself a little more creative license than normal. Rather than attempting to render the show as it actually was, I wanted to present photos that suggested the excitement and joy of the concert. The top photograph above is actually a collage of about a dozen different photographs, taken during different points in the show when various lighting was being employed.

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