Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Mountain Park, Industrially

In its blend of the natural and industrial, Red Mountain Park is a  perfect microcosm of Birmingham. Mining has a significant place in both Birmingham's past and present. And its natural beauty is an integral part of our present and future.

Remains above Mine No. 13
The remnants of past mining operations are interspersed throughout the park, though some are not available to the public because of safety concerns; but there's enough available that it should satiate most folk's curiosity. There are at least three mine portals that will be available to the public. The closest one to the main gate is Mine No. 13, but even it is a good hike.

Adjacent to the Portal to Mine No. 13
And because the railbed of the Birmingham Mineral Railroad serves as one of the main trails across the park, there are left-behind foundations of buildings that served the railway as well.

Building Foundation near Railbed of Birmingham Mineral Railroad
Below are other reminders of Red Mountain's history in heavy industry, that is evidenced within the confines of Red Mountain Park.

Yesterday featured the more natural elements of Red Mountain Park :: Red Mountain Park, Naturally.
Tomorrow will exhibit one particular element of Red Mountain Park :: Hoist House at Redding Shaft Mine.

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