Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nosing about the Wild Sweet William

Apparently, Wild Sweet William (phlox maculata) are quite the tasty treat for bees. All through the summer, they can be seen bumbling from one flower to the next collecting pollen. But I wasn't the only one to notice; Darby sat by and watched with her usual intent curiosity, nosing as close as she dared without much concern about the possibility of being stung.

Carpenter Bee pollinating the Wild Sweet William (Phlox Maculata) :: Gardendale, Alabama

Darby eyeing the bees on the Wild Sweet William :: Gardendale Alabama
Of course this wasn't Darby's first run-in with bees, as can be found here: The Carpenter Bee, a Victim of Curiosity. My first post regarding Wild Sweet William can be found here.

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