Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life Cycle of the Knockout Rose, a Composite

Knockout roses are pretty popular in this part of the country, and for any number of reasons. They require virtually no maintenance and are disease resistant. They grow well either potted or planted. Knockout roses resist drought well, particularly important in the dry Southern summer months. They produce many flowers and will continue to do so until the first hard frost. And besides, they're real pretty.

When I last posted a photograph of the knockout roses we have growing at our house, someone commented to me that he was surprised I hadn't put together a time lapse yet. I had already been thinking about it, and have even attempted it, but wasn't getting the results I wanted. So I carried it out a different way. So here's the knockout rose from bud to blossom to withering.


  1. Hi there Jeremy. Allow me to just thank you for giving me the perfect idea of what subject to capture with my new line of Nikon cameras. I am but an amateur in photography and I need all the help I can find online. You did just that. Cheers!

    1. Darby, glad I could provide some inspiration for you. Enjoy your new gear and happy shooting. Check back in the next week or two and I should have some new photos of my knockout roses up.

  2. may i use this photograph as an example of the development of a healthy rose in a piece I am working on about mutated plant life in Japan?