Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Demonstration to Save Cooper Green Hospital

In downtown Birmingham, in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse, there is an on-again-off-again demonstrator, who sets up his numerous signs, his baby carriages full of baby dolls, dons his snazzy get-up, and sings for hours on end. And despite Birmingham's many social problems, he isn't protesting any of them. His song isn't a call to action for upheaval. His is an entreaty to God and the Jefferson County Commission to save Cooper Green Hospital. His song of choice, Give Me That Old Time Religion, which he was crooning at the time I arrived at the courthouse and was still going strong with it two hours later, when I left.

"Save Cooper Green Hospital"
I have wanted to take this fellows photo for some time now, but until Friday, either I didn't have a camera when I was at the courthouse, or he wasn't present when I was armed with one.

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