Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday, April 29, 2012, is cause for celebration, as it is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Pinhole photography can be either very simple or complicated. In its simplest form, it involves using a light-tight box (like an oatmeal container or coffee can, below), inserting either film or photographic paper, and exposing the film to light via a hole with a tiny aperture (ie: the size of the head a of straight pin) that you've made in your container. 

My two homemade pinhole cameras (above) are pretty simple, but some are really lovely and elaborate. I also fashioned a pinhole apparatus from the body cap for my Canon Rebel T2i, which I used to take the below photos. But I quickly discovered that pinhole photography behave differently on a digital sensor. Because of the small size of the sensor compared to a 5"x7" piece of photographic paper, diffraction is much more sever on the sensor, having a very negative effect on the sharpness of the photo.

On Sunday, I'll post some photos I made with my digital pinhole setup.

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