Sunday, November 4, 2012

Upcoming Photography and Blog Related Goal

As it turns out, my new job has really negatively affected my leisure time. My opportunities to photograph and subsequently contribute to this blog that I (and hopefully, you) have enjoyed for the last couple of years has been significantly inhibited. So it's time to reassess and establish new goals.

With my associate position at Webster Henry, it seems that I am going to have plenty of opportunities to traverse the State in order to attend hearings, depositions, client meetings, and things of that ilk. So my new goal is to take at least one worthwhile photograph on each of these trips. While my opportunities to photograph may be more limited, hopefully, this in-state travel will enable me to broaden the scope of the State of Alabama that is shared on this blog.

To test out my resolve and hold myself accountable, I'll share with you that this week, I have trips planned to both Millry and Hamilton, Alabama. So if anyone knows of things I should be looking for on the way down/over from Birmingham, I'm all ears.

Found on the way to Columbiana, Shelby County, Alabama

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