Saturday, September 8, 2012

Republic Steel, East Thomas Plant :: Walled in and Waterlogged

Remains of the Republic Steel, East Thomas Plant in Birmingham
Trying to describe the status of the remains of this building is more than a small chore, and one which I could not adequately complete. 
  As I approached the end from which I photographed, stomping through the overgrown brush and walking up to the window, I heard a loud splash as a turtle abandoned its perch atop one of the pipes. Shortly thereafter, the moving water subsided, and no further signs of life emerged.
  When I visited the Republic Steel, East Thomas plant (located on the grounds of Wade Sand and Gravel in Birmingham) two years, I photographed this same building (on the blog, in the gallery), but this time I wanted to capture a more all-encompassing view. This oddly shaped photograph is a composite of ten or more photographs, which normally I would have cropped but decided I liked the turn-out and ought to leave well enough alone.

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