Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crashing onto Rocks at Baines Dam

Baines Dam, Newfound Creek, Gardendale, Alabama
Baines Dam at Newfound Creek in Gardendale, Alabama.

Whereas earlier in the week, I exhibited an all-encompassing view of the waterfall that forms at Baines Dam on Newfound Creek in Gardendale, Alabama (here), here I have changed tactics.

The prior photograph used a long 15-second exposure to make the water look all silky smooth and created a different feel than this. 

Here you're looking right into the heart of the waterfall, and time is stopped at 1/500s or so to capture that foamy crashing and splashing onto the rocks at the dam's bottom, a continual beating that they endure incessantly and without complaint. Ever being worn down and smoothed out.

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