Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review :: Camelbak Lobo

I recently purchased a Camelbak Lobo, which has a 100 oz. reservoir and a good bit of storage space. My intentions for it are multifold. Primarily, I will use it for running; when I'm trail running or getting those long runs in for half-marathon training (and soon, the full 26.2), the 32-ounce bottle I carried on my waist just didn't cut it. The Lobo's capacity more than triples that, and is more comfortable. I was concerned that a shoulder pack would slosh and negatively affect my rhythm, but after a couple of minutes of getting accustomed to the pack's movement (which fell in line with my own), it was no longer a conscious thought.

Seen here in mid-stride at the Huntsville Half Marathon
sporting my Camelbak Lobo 100oz pack.
After getting the Lobo, I was pleased to see that it has enough compartments to carry some light camera equipment on hikes. I will easily be able to carry my Panasonic LX3 along with its Conversion Adapter, which allows it to accept filters. And even then I'll have room for a couple small snacks, a utility knife, first aid kit, and perhaps a couple of other small necessities.

Filling and cleaning the bladder was easier than with any other hydration pack I've used previously. The straps are easily adjustable for various body types and sizes. The padding is of a type that's designed to wick away moisture and increase breathability, thus keeping you cooler. Additionally, a number of reviews indicate that the water in the pack will be kept cold for hours; of course, that will depend on the ambient temperature, I imagine.

If you're looking for a hydration pack with a large reservoir and multiple utility, the Lobo should be a strong consideration.

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