Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bogen 3047 Pan/Tilt Head - Interchangeable Handles?

Synopsis: The Bogen 3047's handles are not interchangeable with the knobs to be found on the newer models, Bogen 3437 or Manfrotto 460MG.

For several years now I have used the Bogen 3047 Pan/Tilt Tripod Head atop a set Bogen 3001BN legs (now replaced by the Manfrotto 190XDB). While the 3047 has been a great head, it is not easily portable. The large handles are obtrusive and do not condense to a smaller size. But their size does allow a user to get plenty of torque and have sufficient controlling over tightening/loosening, even in very small increments, so as to produce only minute movements.

But as my hiking, paddling, and traveling have increased, so too have my needs for portability and practicability. And the 3047 does not fit that bill. The 3047 was succeeded by the Bogen 3437, which was itself replaced by the Manfrotto 460MG (Bogen and Manfrotto are sister companies, of which Manfrotto has become the US distributor). The advantages of the 3437 and 460MG, at least as far as my needs are concerned is that rather than protrusive handles, they have knobs, which are both smaller and lighter.

My hope was that the knobs on the newer models would be interchangeable with the handles on the 3047. So I contacted both [not affiliated with the manufacturer] and Manfrotto. These are the responses I got, first from BTP, "Unfortunately we know of no way possible to replace the handles on the 3047 with knobs"; then from Manfrotto, "I just spoke with my service technicians and they said they could not be switched out." Thus died that dream, quickly and unceremoniously.

So now my options are reduced either to carrying on with my bulky but functional 3047 or adding the 460MG to the ever-growing Things Desired list, and establishing its priority. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have. I strive to make this as informative as possible.


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  1. What is even worse, I bought a Bogen case to fit a 3221 tripod with 3047 head and the handles don't fit and have to be removed to use the "made for" case!. Now I am missing the longest handle, which should never have had to be removed, and they now are no longer available.

    This tripod was NOT cheap when I bought it new and I'm a bit ticked that I now have to scrounge. This stuff is and was overpriced and there is nothing to justify it.