Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Two local artists have been ministering to the city of Birmingham over the last couple of months, plying it with this message: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. This message has been illicitly spread via graffiti on public and private structures. Public sentiment has largely been in favor of the message and evenly vocally encouraging the two to continue to spread their credo.

 on the Retainer Wall on the Way up to Vulcan

They were recently given the opportunity to paint the side of a building by the owner of Monarch Cleaners in Homewood, but after five days of work, the city of Homewood halted their progress until it could determine whether the message "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" fit within the city code for artistic expressions. It will hold a public meeting in SOHO next Monday to determine whether or not the artists will be able to employ legal means to share the word.

The Work in Progress at Monarch Cleaners in Homewood
Bridge on Red Mountain Expressway

 You can show your support for the message and those who are sharing it on Facebook. Additionally, Fox 6 did a piece about this story, which can be found here.

Across from Railroad Park

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