Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hilton Head Island

Anna and I took a trip to Hilton Head in August, as a sort of delayed anniversary celebration. Thanks to a family friend, we were able to stay at a condo that was a mere nice-boardwalk-over-a-salt-marsh stay from the beach.

The salt marsh and proximity to the beach were fortuitous, because while Anna exercised in the mornings, I was able to wander out and take photos.


And I learned a lot about salt marshes while on the trip. They are the densest ecosystems in the world for biomass and are integral to the maintenance of healthy coastal environments. They're also kinda pretty.

We took one day to go to Savannah. It was a really hot day (as should have been expected in Georgia), so the trip to the city that General Sherman offered to President Lincoln as a Christmas present in 1864 was a little less pleasant than it might otherwise have been. We also made it out to Tybee Island for a quick visit.

The church above is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. One of my favorite photos from this trip (below) causes me to chuckle inside a little. Then the photo below that is one that was taken about seven years previously on another day trip to Savannah.

Our final excursion was to go on a boat tour in an effort to sea some dolphins. We were successful, but even more memorably, I was able to photograph a shrimping boat and a really splendid sunset.

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