Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NYC: Grant's Tomb on the Upper West Side

The thing about visiting the tomb of President Ulysses S. Grant is that you need a good reason to be up that way. For example, we ate breakfast at Tom's Restaurant (the diner in Seinfeld), then walked up to Columbia University, and up and over to Grant's  Tomb. If you're wanting to go to a place where the tourists start to spread a little thin, you're getting close.

The other thing about visiting this monument is that if you want to catch a particular train that will take you down to the east side of Central Park, you might have to walk through the heart of Harlem to get there, and that might be uncomfortable. And if you're really looking for a place without tourists, you've found your mark. [Note: You might also hear on the news the next morning, as we did, that two men were stabbed to death in close proximity to where you had been walking to the subway.]

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