Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nest Building with the Queen of the Paper Wasps

Now that Spring is well upon us and the flowers are budding and the vegetable plants beginning to bear some blooms, the flying insects too are out in full force. But despite the purported benefits of wasps for gardeners such as myself (ie: they aid in pollination and eating harmful insects), I have a really difficult time allowing them to live in close proximity to my little vegetable patch, where they will fly by my ears and cause me to dance like a lunatic all season. But I would like to encourage them to visit when I'm not around.

Queen Paper Wasp (Red Wasp) building her nest alongst my Vegetable Garden

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  1. Nature's architects at their finest! Watching paper wasps build their intricate nests is a fascinating glimpse into the world of these remarkable insects. Their precision and cooperation are truly awe-inspiring. 🐝🏡 #NatureWonder #PaperWasps