Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Feeding Frenzy for Dolphins and Gulls, Destin, Florida

On every day of our trip to Destin, Florida, we observed small pods of dolphins and flocks of gulls in feeding frenzies as they demolished schools of fish that were migrating through the area.

Seeing those dorsal fins, I was reminded of a trip to Savannah, Georgia. When I was about chest deep in the water, I observed a triangular fin cutting through the water in my direction. I immediately began hustling for the shore, expecting at any moment to have one of my limbs torn loose from my body in the form of razors for teeth or a chunk of torso to be abruptly removed. By the time, I got about knee deep and had the courage to turn around, I saw a sleek dolphin leaping gracefully from wave to wave.

(c) Jeremy Richter | Photography
A Feeding Frenzy of Dolphins and Gulls, Destin, Florida

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