Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vulcan Silhouettes the Post-Dawn Sky, Birmingham

A Shrouded and Silhouetted Vulcan, Birmingham
I firmly believe that luck shines most brightly on those who are most prepared. So a couple of weeks ago, while I was sitting idly in traffic on I-65, thanks in large part to a number of Alabama drivers unable to grasp the concept of ice accumulating on bridges, I noticed that the fog and dense clouds over Red Mountain were shrouding a silhouetted Vulcan in an orange mist in the early post-dawn sky.

So I opened up flipped open the camera bag that was lying in the seat next to me, snapped on my telephoto lens, and for the first time in my life, prayed that traffic would continue to sit still.

Since I started this job in October, I've carried a camera of one sort or another on every out-of-town venture, and on most occasions have found something to photograph and which has contributed to this blog. On this particular occasion, I didn't even get out of town before my opportunity arose.

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