Friday, May 18, 2012

Fultondale's Urban Revitalization Project

The City of Fultondale, Alabama, has launched a progressive and ambitious revitalization project for the Highway 31 corridor and Walker's Chapel Road. In recent years, the city has done much to improve its stock, and I applaud their continued efforts. A map of the various phases of the project can be found at Fultondale's website. While the tornado that raked much of the city on April 27, 2011, was devastating in many respects and to many people, it also provided a unique opportunity to upgrade the facilities along this corridor.

The Walker's Chapel Road site, at which land is currently being leveled and cleared, was the home of the photograph posted on Wednesday, here. And seeing as no one correctly guessed the answer, I'll have to come up with another opportunity for one of you fine folks to take home a print somewhere in the near future.

I have a fondness for objects sitting atop a hill and being silhouetted against the sky. I can't say why particularly, but whether it's a tree or, as in the present instance, industrial equipment, something just draws me to it. Offered here are a couple of photos I took one day last week, the first of which offers proof of it being the site of Wednesday's photograph.

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