Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Manfrotto 460MG

A short while back I posted about my bulky, overweight Bogen 3047 Pan/Tilt tripod head. I wanted to replace the handles with the smaller knobs found on the Manfrotto 460MG. To find more information I posted my question as to that possibility on Photo.net, only to discover that switch was not possible. However, someone from that site did offer to trade his Manfrotto 460MG for my Bogen 3047, and I leaped at the opportunity.

So having received the Manfrotto 460MG, here are my observations. The differences in weight and bulk were immediately discernible. The 3047 weighs in at 3.4lbs, while the 460MG is a petite 15.5 ounces; that's a difference of 2.5 pounds. Even the quick-release plates on the 460MG are smaller and lighter. In the 3047's defense, it is designed to carry 16lbs (versus 6.6lbs for the 460MG), and I just don't need that sort of heft. Additionally, the 460MG has knobs rather than long handles, and its design allows it to be more compactable. 

After using it yesterday for a bit, I think the 460MG is not as smooth as the 3047, but that's a sacrifice I can live with, with the improvement in portability. (Unfortunately, the outing didn't yield any post-worthy results.) Another thing I'll miss about the 3047 is its 2-way level; the 460MG has only a bubble level, which is serviceable but not nearly as nice. That could always be remedied by purchasing a hot-shoe 3-way level.

Overall, I'm pleased and expect this tripod head to yield years of support as have its other siblings that I have owned. If you're looking to purchase this head, you can purchase it at Amazon, and accomplish two things: support me and get it at its best price.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have. I strive to make this as informative as possible.

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