Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reflecting on Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek has become one of my favorite places, and not for any particular reason. It just seems to resonate with me to some degree. But for whatever reason, the photographs I've taken both at the Nature Preserve and elsewhere on the creek have never been as impressive to me after I have gotten home with them, as at the time of taking (a prior outing with decent results, here). And that's always distressing.

Of the many photos taken yesterday, these are a couple that are worthy of seeing the light of day (or perhaps that judgment is more appropriately left to the viewer).

One of the things I wanted to focus on for this little outing was photographing reflections and emphasizing textures and colors. One of the photographers whose blog I follow is Donald Kinney, and he does this sort of work particularly well. I do not, but he has inspired me. So this post and the next one will evidence the trial (and error) of the task I set before myself.

One last note, my friend Tyler Dooley went with me and has posted his work as well.

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