Friday, May 13, 2011

A Bust at the Bama Flea Mall

So I talked Anna into going to the Bama Flea Mall in Leeds today. I was in search of old film cameras, or at least one. I figured with 57,000 sq ft of floor space, I would be positively overwhelmed with options. Not to be.

All we chanced upon were a Kodak Tourist II folder camera, which was overpriced considering it only takes 620 film that is no longer manufactured (sure you can adapt your 120 spools, but that's a lot of hassle).

But then I found a gem - Konica S2 Auto. Alas, it had a busted lens (I know no other way to describe it) and was missing a winder knob. So we walked away almost entirely empty-handed...almost, in that Anna found a little magazine basket.

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